23 Fascinating and Disturbing Mother’s Day Facts
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23 Fascinating and Disturbing Mother’s Day Facts


While you’re busy lavishing praise and presents on your mom on Mother’s Day, give her the gift of knowledge: Share with her this story, as well as these other fun Mother’s Day facts.

$62,985: Annual salary you would have to pay someone in 2015 to perform the tasks mothers do at home, according to calculation by Insure.com.

14: Hours per week the average mom spends cooking.

84.5 million: Total number of mothers in the U.S.

2 billion: Number of mothers in the world.

2: Number of babies moms in the U.S. give birth to, on average.

84.4: Percentage of Americans who intend to celebrate Mother’s Day this year.

$4.2 billion: Amount consumers plan to spend on jewelry for Mother’s Day gifts, according to the National Retail Federation.

$4.1 billion: Estimated tab for special outings, like dinner or brunch.

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$2.4 billion: Amount expected to be spent on flowers.

$21.4 billion: America’s total estimated spend on celebrating Mother’s Day.

$172.22: Average amount that Americans will spend for Mother’s Day, down from last year’s record-high of $172.63.

$133: The amount the average male spends on Mother’s Day gifts, compared with the $214 that the average woman spends.

68: Percentage of people who plan on calling their mother on Mother’s Day — which equals about 122.5 million phone calls, more than any other Sunday throughout the year.

7,300: Average number of diaper changes a mom does by a baby’s second birthday.

26.3: Average age at which a mother had her first child in 2014, up from 24.9 in 2000.

4.3: Babies born each second worldwide.

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69: Highest recorded number of children born to one mother. The woman was married to a Russian peasant and lived in the 18th century. She gave birth to 16 pairs of twins, seven sets of triplets and four sets of quadruplets.

15: Highest recorded number of sets of triplets that one woman has delivered. The busy mom was Maddalena Granata, who lived in Italy between 1839 and 1886.

5 years, 7 months and 21 days: Reported age of the youngest mother ever to give birth. The girl’s name was Lina Medina and she gave birth in May 1939 in Peru.

72 years: Age of the oldest mother to give birth. She was an Indian woman named Omkari Panwar, who already had five grandchildren. She had twins.

71 centimeters: Height of the world’s smallest mom, Stacey Herald, who stands at just 2’ 4”. She’s given birth to three babies, even though she received warnings from doctors that she was too small to carry a child.

71.12 centimeters: The longest recorded baby was 71.12 cm and weighed 22 pounds.

22 pounds, 8 ounces: Heaviest recorded birth weight for a baby.