Budweiser Renames Its Beer ‘America’ and Twitter Almost Chokes Laughing
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Budweiser Renames Its Beer ‘America’ and Twitter Almost Chokes Laughing


Bye-bye, Budweiser. The iconic American beer that’s now part of a multinational megabrewer based in Belgium and Brazil has decided to change its name to “America” as part of its summer advertising campaign.

The company, which is sponsoring Team USA in the Summer Olympics, is clearly looking to capitalize on a patriotic surge during a presidential election year — or what it refers to, Trump-style, as the “Most Patriotic Summer Ever.”

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From May 23 through November, the beer’s traditional packaging will be replaced, with cans and bottles branded “America” instead of “Budweiser,” and bearing phrases like “E Pluribus Unum” instead of marketing phrases like “King of Beers.” Because what’s more American than marketing based on good old American patriotism?

We have some other questions about the announcement, though: Can you get drunk on America? Do you hate America if you can’t stand Budweiser? How does America Ferrera feel about this?

As you might expect, the Bud-bashing flowed free and easy in response to the announcement. Check out some of the funniest tweets below.