The 24 Worst Cities for Road Rage
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The 24 Worst Cities for Road Rage


As any seasoned traveler can tell you, the City of Angels doesn’t have particularly angelic drivers. So it’s no great surprise that a new analysis finds that Los Angeles is America’s worst city for road rage.

The insurance website Auto Insurance Center examined 65,535 geotagged Instagram posts that included the hashtag #RoadRage to come up with a list of the cities with the worst road rage. The rankings were adjusted for each city’s population.

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After Los Angeles, New York City ranked second. Interestingly enough, the town of Mount Pleasant, North Carolina, which has a tiny population of 1,652 and no major roads, claimed third place.

The study also found that as far as states go, Hawaii has by far the angriest drivers, with a sizeable majority of #RoadRage posts originating from the Aloha State. California came in second, with New York rounding out the top three.

August is the worst month for huffy drivers, based on the average number of #RoadRage posts. Summer months tend to see a jump in the number of cars on the road as Americans head off for vacations. July ranks second, followed by March and October tied for third.

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Of course, there’s good reason to take the rankings with a grain of salt. Not everyone uses Instagram and even fewer people feel the need to post about every single part of their day. Also, the study didn’t examine the context of the posts and some of the #RoadRage comments may have been made in a humorous context. Even so, the results make sense (except maybe for tiny Mount Pleasant) – our big cities have terrible traffic, and no one is particularly happy to sit in it.

Here are the 24 cities with the worst road rage, according to Auto Insurance Center:

24. Scottsdale, AZ

23. Portland, OR

22. Honolulu, HI

21. Hoboken, NJ

20. Boston, MA

19. Culver City, CA

18. Philadelphia, PA

17. Miami, FL

16. Dallas, TX

15. Beverly Hills, CA

14. Weehawken, NJ

13. Washington, DC

12. Seattle, WA

11. Santa Monica, CA

10. Atlanta, GA

9. Austin, TX

8. Houston, TX

7. Anaheim, CA

6. San Francisco, CA

5. San Diego, CA

4. Chicago, IL

3. Mount Pleasant, NC

2. New York City, NY

1. Los Angeles, CA