Barbecue Bots: Further Evidence That Men Are Expendable
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Barbecue Bots: Further Evidence That Men Are Expendable


Who knew German researchers could be whimsical? 

But their oh-ha-ha creation has added new data to building the case – frozen sperm, self-driving cars -- that the male of the species, especially those once fondly known as Dad, may be expendable.

The FZI Research Center for Information Technology, an innovation hub in Baden-Württemberg, has built a cute robot from off-the-shelf parts that can rival any hulking man at what was once a male preserve: the grill.

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The Bratwurst Bot, as FZI calls the metallic interloper, not only grilled 200 sausages at a party in Berlin, turning them at just the right time, but it wiggled its fake moustache as it served them while commenting “with funny German sayings like heiss und fettig,” which translate as hot and greasy.

And the Dad-terminator evidently was able to ‘man’ the smoky grill without grumbling and knocking down copious amounts of beer.