Here Are 15 Other Uses for Your Unnecessary Dental Floss
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Here Are 15 Other Uses for Your Unnecessary Dental Floss

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Now that the benefits of flossing have been called into question, what can you do with those plastic boxes of wax floss in your medicine cabinet? Don’t throw it out! Instead, try these 18 other uses.

1. Clothes line: Use floss to create a clothes line when you’re camping.

2. Christmas ornaments: Don’t waste money on wire hooks; use floss to hang ornaments.

3. Fishing line: Keep floss in your tackle box to string your favorite lure.

4. Stringing popcorn: Use a needle to thread floss through the popcorn for a holiday tree decoration.

5. Shoelace replacement: In a pinch, floss is strong enough to keep your sneakers on.

6. Gardening: Use floss to support plants, such as tomato vines, as they grow higher.

7. Picture wire: Floss is strong enough to be used in place of picture wire.

8. Remove cookies from a tray: Instead of a spatula, use wax floss to loosen cookies from a baking sheet.

9. Soft cheese cutter: Use floss to cut perfect wedges in your brie.

10. Lighting a fire: Tie wax floss around a bundle of kindling and light.

11. Kitchen twine: Use floss to bind meat.

12. Sealant tape: Wrap wax floss around plumbing to seal leaks.

13. Cutting a cake: Make perfect slices using floss to cut through the cake.

14. Trunk tie down: Loop floss at least 10 times to help keep the trunk closed.

15. Wood crack filler: Dip floss in wood filler and lay in wood cracks to fill.