Take the Trump Challenge: What Would He Have to Say to Finally Get ‘Fired’?
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Take the Trump Challenge: What Would He Have to Say to Finally Get ‘Fired’?

REUTERS/Carlo Allegri

Here are ten quotes that could have even Donald’s staunchest supporters heading for the exits. What else do you think Trump could say for America to finally “fire” him?

Provide your your best quotes and the TFT judges will give winners virtual medals in the “Trump Quote Olympics.” No training necessary, just go for the gold. (See the rules, below.) But don’t wait too long -- whatever your quote, The Donald might beat you to it! Here are a few ideas to get you started.

1)   “You know, I must tell you, Ronald Reagan was not that great a president. Not a great actor either. Death Valley Days had very, very low ratings—believe me.”

2)    “Sometimes I think, and I know this isn't popular to say, but I think Hitler had it right.”

3)   “Hillary says America is still great. I'm here to tell you, Russia and Syria are great. We have a long way to go.”

4)   “You know, many, many people are saying Mary wasn’t a virgin.”

5)   "I wonder, really, do rich people need to pay taxes. Isn't their job just to stimulate the economy with all their money?"

6)   "You know, I was only kidding about the wall. I need those illegals at my golf courses."

7)   "Have you been watching the Olympics? Don't. Terrible. I've heard the ratings have a lot of people at NBC very depressed. Believe me."

8)    "China is killing us, killing us, stealing, stealing, stealing. Killing us. First thing we do: No more Chinese food. Am I right?"

9) " How about that Pope. I love the guy. Love the Pope, but he may be a communist. I don't know. Some people have said that."

10) "You know, I saw Hamilton. It's not that great."

RULES: Quotes should be 25 words or less, and be posted either as a comment on Facebook or here. No expletives, sexpletives or racially offensive stuff, please.
Deadline: Friday August 19