One of Trump’s Campaign Offices Is Being Run by a 12-Year-Old
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One of Trump’s Campaign Offices Is Being Run by a 12-Year-Old


Just when you thought this election couldn’t get any more juvenile, an adolescent admits he's running one of Trump's campaign offices — kind of.

Weston Imer, a 12-year-old boy who has his own aspirations of one day becoming president of the United States, is co-chair of the Jefferson County operation in Colorado for the Trump campaign during his summer vacation from school, according to KDVR. The county, part of the Denver metropolitan area, was the fourth most populous in the key swing state as of the 2010 census.

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He may not be in high school yet, but the kid already has plenty of Trump-style bravado.

“Watch for me — 2040,” he said during the interview before turning his attention to Trump’s 10-year-old son: "And Barron Trump, if you are watching, in 2040 I'll take you as my running mate."

Even though his mother, Laurel Imer, is technically the official field coordinator for the campaign office, he’s the one she put directly in charge of coordinating volunteers.

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A Real Clear Politics poll has Hillary Clinton up nearly 11 points in Colorado. And with the Trump campaign’s recent shakeups, going back to school in September might not be such a bad political decision on Weston’s part.