Looking for a New Job? Lots of Your Coworkers Are
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Looking for a New Job? Lots of Your Coworkers Are


As the economy continues to improve, more than half of all workers would be open to leaving their current job for a better opportunity.

Of those who’d leave, 44 percent are actively seeking a new gig, according to a new report from Aon Hewitt.

“Encouraged by low unemployment rates and frustrated with lackluster wage increases, many U.S. workers are looking for new and better jobs,” Ray Baumruk, a researcher at Aon Hewitt said in a prepared statement.

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Less than 40 percent of workers told Aon that their last raise made them want to do better at work. Many also don’t see that changing. Fewer than half agreed that they know how to make more money or get pay increases at their company or felt comfortable asking their manager how they could make more money in the future.

Workers may be realizing that they need to leave their current jobs in order to see a significant pay increase. A survey released earlier this week by Willis Towers Watson found that companies plan to keep pay raises for 2017 steady at 3 percent. That’s the same average increase seen in each of the past three years.

The unemployment rate has been at 5 percent or lower, widely considered full employment by economists, since October, falling from a high of 10 percent in October of 2009. Nearly a quarter of employers said they increased their hiring levels this quarters, with the biggest gains expected in leisure and hospitality, wholesale and retail, and transportation and utilities, according to Manpower.