9 New Cars Selling at Big Discounts in 2016
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9 New Cars Selling at Big Discounts in 2016

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Fall is always a good time to negotiate the price of a new car, since dealers want to get rid of their current inventory to make room for next year’s models.

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In particular, if you can find a car that’s being redesigned or discontinued for 2017, you may be able to nab an even better price on the 2016 model. The car site Edmunds.com analyzed the market to find the models that could offer the best deals this September.

They range from the entry-level Hyundai Genesis sedan, which is being re-branded in 2017 as the Genesis G80, to the luxury Mercedes E-Class, which is being redesigned. While the models are being updated or replaced, the 2016 editions are still brand new vehicles, with newer technology than most cars on the road today.

Since dealers are trying to get rid of inventory, it could be a little harder to find these cars, and you probably won’t get your first pick of trim or color, but the savings may make it easier to compromise. Specific discounts and rebates vary by dealer, but Edmunds found that some cars were going for as much as $10,000 off.

One thing to note if you’re buying a “leftover:” They depreciate more quickly than other new cars, according to Edmunds. That won’t make a huge difference if you’re planning on keeping the car long-term, but it could be a factor if you want to sell it in a few years.

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