ISIS Has a Brand New Weapon — and You Can Buy It Anywhere
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ISIS Has a Brand New Weapon — and You Can Buy It Anywhere

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After four bloody and brutal months, ISIS is on the verge of defeat in Mosul, Iraq’s second-largest city. Today, the Associated Press reported that Iraqi forces have retaken the historical mosque in an area destroyed by ISIS in 2014. It’s also an area known as the burial site of the prophet Jonah who was swallowed by a whale in stories from both the Bible and the Quran.

The more ISIS loses on the ground in Iraq, the more they look to the skies for help. For this terror group, that means buying hundreds of 4-prop drones (and the batteries that power them) and retrofitting them into tiny bombers.

A story in Popular Science says anyone can buy these quadcopters – they’re certainly available at Amazon or Walmart. And if you have some glue, duct tape, and a plastic cylinder, you’re in business. You can drop grenades or other small explosive devices.

But the scariest scenario might be a fleet of drones dropping chemical weapons on an army of soldiers or a civilian population. Even if anti-drone countermeasures are implemented, and the drones are disabled and crash, the toxic gas would still, most likely, be activated.

#ISIS drone modified to drop small explosives like rifle grenades.

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