Renting a Car? 3 Things Your Credit Card Doesn’t Cover
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Renting a Car? 3 Things Your Credit Card Doesn’t Cover

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It’s high season for summer road trips, which means you could find yourself at a rental car counter soon. If you’re renting a car with a credit card, you may be able to say ‘no’ to the supplemental insurance and the fee that comes with it, but there are some important exceptions.

A new analysis by WalletHub evaluated large card issuers and their rental insurance policies to provide some insight into what such policies typically cover. Among other things, the report found that Citibank credit cards typically offer the most favorable rental car insurance policies.

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You’ll want to call your credit card issuer to find out the exact details of potential coverage, but the WalletHub analysis found that some common restrictions. If any of the following describes your trip, you may want to pay for supplemental coverage:

  • You’ll need the car for more than two weeks. Nearly 40 percent of cards only cover domestic rentals for up to 15 days, so if you’re planning to travel for longer than that you may need additional coverage.

  • You’re traveling internationally. Citi, Chase and Discover typically offer insurance globally, but other issuers have restrictions. The most common excluded countries are Ireland, Israel and Jamaica.

  • You’re not renting a traditional car. While Citi Cards typically don’t have any exclusions on the type of vehicle you rent, most card issuers do exclude coverage on exotic, expensive or antique cars, open bed trucks and large vans. American Express also excludes coverage on full-size SUVs.