Progressive Group Offers a New Guide to Tax Reform
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Progressive Group Offers a New Guide to Tax Reform

iStockphoto/The Fiscal Times

The Center for American Progress just launched its own guide to tax reform, joining other left-leaning groups as they gear up for a tax reform battle this fall. The ongoing series of articles that make up the guide has the goal of cutting through the “fuzzy math, confusing jargon, or outright falsehoods” that CAP says tilt the tax reform debate toward the interests of corporations and the very wealthy.

Like CAP itself, the guide has an explicitly liberal perspective. Here’s a sample of the headlines already on offer:

* Trickle-Down Tax Cuts Don’t Create Jobs

* The ‘Trump Loophole’ Would Benefit Millionaires, Not Small Businesses

* Giving Away Corporate Tax Cuts Is Not How to Make the United States More Competitive

CAP was founded by John Podesta in 2003 and is currently run by Neera Tanden, a former policy adviser for Hillary Clinton and President Obama. The “The Facts on Tax Reform” series is available here

Correction: This has been updated to correct the name of the current president of CAP.