Tax Overhaul Gaining Support

Tax Overhaul Gaining Support

Jonathan Ernst/Reuters

The public is slowly warming to the Republican tax overhaul, according to a new survey from The New York Times.

Approval has risen to 51 percent, up from 46 percent in December, likely driven at least in part by a multi-million-dollar ad campaign from conservative groups promoting the tax package.

“Public opinion is moving in the direction of this bill,” said Jon Cohen of SurveyMonkey, which conducted the poll between February 5 and 11.

Prominent reports about bonuses paid to workers by major corporations have probably helped, too. However, that news is likely to fade, the Times notes.

Even so, support for the bill could continue to grow as more Americans see the direct results of the tax cuts in their paychecks. Only a third of workers think their paychecks will grow as a result of the new tax rules, but most analysts say that about 80 percent will actually see a benefit.