HBO’s John Oliver Says GOP 'Absolutely Blew It' on Corporate Tax Reform

HBO’s John Oliver Says GOP 'Absolutely Blew It' on Corporate Tax Reform

With tax day just around the corner, HBO’s John Oliver on Sunday night took aim once again at the recent GOP tax overhaul and, in particular, what he called the "long and infuriatingly proud history" of corporate tax avoidance.

In a “Last Week Tonight” segment inspired in part by rapper Cardi B’s recent Instagram tax rant — and thus laden with f-bombs — Oliver broke down the need for corporate tax reform, the use of tax havens and “weaselly accounting” by companies such as Apple and Google, and why the recent tax rewrite’s requirement that companies bring overseas profits back to the U.S. might fall short in terms of promised job creation.

"So, on Tuesday, as you scrape together your taxes and like Cardi B, wonder what Uncle Sam is doing with your motherf---ing money, rest assured that Donald Trump's tax reform continues to let companies engage in sophisticated tax avoidance schemes," Oliver said.

Watch the full 16-minutes segment below, but the main takeaway is pretty simple: “We just had a huge chance to reform our tax code and we absolutely blew it,” Oliver said. “Because effective tax reform is not just about lowering rates, it's about closing loopholes."