Health Care Groups Really Don’t Like Trump’s New Proposals
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Health Care Groups Really Don’t Like Trump’s New Proposals


Nearly all of the health care groups that provided commentary on the Trump administration’s effort to weaken the Affordable Care Act offered some kind of criticism, some of fairly extreme, according to a review of official comment letters by The Los Angeles Times.

“The extraordinary one-sided outpouring came from more than 300 patient and consumer advocates, physician and nurse organizations and trade groups representing hospitals, clinics and health insurers across the country,” the paper said.

There was widespread agreement that the administration’s proposed rule changes, such as allowing the sale of cheaper but less comprehensive insurance plans, could raise premiums, reduce coverage, destabilize markets, and increase the incidence of fraud. Sandy Praeger, a former Republican state insurance regulator in Kansas and former president of the National Association of Insurance Commissioners, told the Times, “Basically anybody who knows anything about healthcare is opposed to these proposals. It’s amazing.”

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