Cost of Trump’s Military Parade Rising Fast

Cost of Trump’s Military Parade Rising Fast


It looks like President Trump’s military parade is going to cost a lot more than the initial estimate suggested – about $80 million more.

The Department of Defense pegged the cost of the parade at roughly $12 million back in July, but CNBC reported Thursday that Pentagon officials have increased their estimate to $92 million. The total consists of $50 million from the Defense Department and $42 million from other agencies, including the Department of Homeland Security.

The parade, which President Trump requested after attending a Bastille Day military parade in Paris last year, is scheduled for November 10 and will reportedly include aircraft, armored vehicles and soldiers in period uniforms. Abrams tanks, which weigh roughly 70 tons apiece, will also be included, CNBC said, despite concerns about heavy military equipment ripping up the streets of Washington. A Pentagon analysis apparently found that the armored vehicle’s treads would not cause any damage.

The parade is expected to begin at the Capitol, continue past the White House and end at the National Mall, according to earlier reports from NBC News.