Here’s What Democrats Want to Do if They Win the House in November

Here’s What Democrats Want to Do if They Win the House in November


Election Day is just over two months away, but Democrats — with reason to be confident that they can win control of the House — are already planning their legislative agenda for 2019.

In addition to a slate of potentially dozens of aggressive oversight hearings and investigations into the Trump administration, the initial agenda also includes legislative packages covering health-care costs, infrastructure investment and ethics and lobbying reform, Axios’ Mike Allen reported Monday.

On health care: The legislation would be divided into two areas, according to Axios, with one centered on lowering overall costs and reducing premiums and the other focused specifically on driving down prescription-drug prices.

On infrastructure: The Trump administration’s plan — which calls for $200 billion in direct federal spending in hopes of spurring some $1.5 trillion in total investments from private, state and local partners — has gone nowhere. The Democrats will reportedly propose $1 trillion in federal infrastructure spending, with the plan being pitched as a way to boost jobs and wages.” Despite pressure from the left wing of the party to push for a bold agenda and worry less about how to pay for it, House Democratic Leader Nancy Pelosi reportedly remains committed to reviving “pay-go” rules that would require new revenue or spending cuts to pay for the newly proposed spending.