7 Numbers That Signal Trouble for the GOP
Health Care

7 Numbers That Signal Trouble for the GOP


A new Fox News poll delivers a lengthy list of numbers that signal trouble for Republicans:

  • Democrats hold a 7-point edge over Republicans in the generic congressional ballot for the midterm elections
  • 44 percent of registered voters approve of the job President Trump is doing, while 52 percent disapprove
  • 50 percent approve of Trump’s handling of the economy, but just 38 percent approve of his handling of health care
  • 49 percent say that Democrats would do a better job than Republicans on health care
  • 32 percent say the 2017 tax law helped the economy, but 25 percent say it hurt and 30 percent say it made no difference
  • 60 percent say their family has not seen more money in their paychecks as a result of the tax law
  • Americans have much more favorable views on Obamacare than they did four years ago (see chart below), and 64 percent want more people insured, even if it costs the government more money, compared to 24 percent who would prefer to reduce government spending even if it means fewer people are covered.