Senate Advances $750 Billion Defense Bill

Senate Advances $750 Billion Defense Bill

DoD photo by Master Sgt. Ken Hammond, U.S. Air Force via Wikimedia Commons

The Senate Armed Services Committee advanced a plan Wednesday to provide roughly $750 billion for defense in 2020. Here’s how the funding breaks down:

  • Base Pentagon budget: $642.5 billion
  • Overseas Contingency Operations account: $75.9 billion
  • Security programs at the Department of Energy: $23.2 billion
  • Replacement of military funds shifted to the southern border: $3.6 billion
  • Disaster relief funds for military installations: $3.3 billion

While the topline number matches President Trump’s request for defense spending next year, the breakdown is different. Most notably, the Senate rejected the White House plan to push $164 billion through the warfighting OCO account as part of an effort to evade the spending caps imposed by the Budget Control Act, The Hill’s Rebecca Kheel reported. The Senate bill also lacks an additional $3.6 billion Trump had requested for border wall construction.