Only One Demographic Group Opposes Warren’s Wealth Tax

Only One Demographic Group Opposes Warren’s Wealth Tax


The idea of a wealth tax like the one proposed by Sen. Elizabeth Warren is popular with a broad swath of voters, Ben Casselman and Jim Tankersley of The New York Times report. A new nationwide poll conducted for the Times by SurveyMonkey finds that 63% of Americans support Warren’s 2% tax on wealth above $50 million, though that number has slipped from 66% over the summer.

Backing among independents has fallen from 66% to 55%. It has slipped a bit among Democrats as well, from 81% to 77%. But Republican support for the idea has edged up slightly, and majorities of Republican women and GOP men without college degrees favor it. “The proposal receives majority support among every major racial, educational and income group,” Casselman and Tankersley write.

The only demographic group that strongly opposes the tax is Republican men with college degrees.

“Not surprisingly,” the Times reporters say, “that is also the profile of many who’d be hit by Ms. Warren’s so-called wealth tax.”

The SurveyMonkey poll also finds that 54% of Americans support Medicare for All while 42% oppose it, with opinions on the health care plan sharply divided along partisan lines. And 48% of voters disapprove of the 2017 Republican tax law, compared to 45% who support it.