‘Lobster King’ Trump Extends Farmer Bailout to Maine

‘Lobster King’ Trump Extends Farmer Bailout to Maine

REUTERS/Brian Snyder

The White House ordered the Department of Agriculture Wednesday to provide financial assistance to lobstermen in Maine, who have been hurt by President Trump’s trade war with China and the European Union. The funds will come from the $30 billion bailout program the Trump administration has created to aid farmers caught up in the conflict.

In a tweet Wednesday evening, the president falsely claimed that President Barack Obama had “destroyed the lobster and fishing industry in Maine.” The White House memorandum on “protecting the United States lobster industry” makes it clear, however, that Maine’s lobster industry is being hurt by retaliatory tariffs from China, imposed in response to Trump’s tariffs on Chinese imports to the U.S.

In a celebratory tweet, trade adviser Peter Navarro – who was crowned the “lobster king” by Trump earlier this month for his role in negotiations with the European Union, which currently imposes tariffs on American lobsters – paid tribute to the president, saying he was the real crustacean sovereign. “Promises made, promises kept by the true Lobster King. @POTUS signed a historic executive order to provide relief for our GREAT American lobster fishermen. Stay tuned!”