Most Americans Support Higher Tax on High Earners: Poll

Most Americans Support Higher Tax on High Earners: Poll


About two-thirds of Americans support President-elect Joe Biden’s proposal to raise taxes on households earning more than $400,000 a year while keeping taxes on those below that level the same, according to a new poll by The New York Times and Survey Monkey.

“Nearly all Democrats and Democratic leaners (88%) support this proposal, along with 70% of independents and nearly half of Republicans and GOP leaners (45%),” Survey Monkey’s Laura Wronski wrote. “Even among those with household incomes of $150,000 or more, the highest category for which we collect data, 62% of people support an increase in taxes for those making at least $400K.”

Questioning 3,477 adults online from November 9 to November 15, the poll also found majority support for making college tuition-free for students from families earning less than $125,000 per year; an emergency paid leave plan for sick workers or gig economy workers during the pandemic; and a national effort to control the coronavirus, even if it hurts some businesses.