Broad Support for Biden’s Covid Relief Agenda: Poll

Broad Support for Biden’s Covid Relief Agenda: Poll

Reuters/Tom Brenner

A substantial majority of Americans supports President Biden’s proposal to provide $2,000 in relief payments to most adults, according to the results of a new poll from Yahoo News/YouGov.

In a survey of 1,516 U.S. adults conducted from January 20 to January 21, 74% said they favored Biden’s aid plan, compared to 13% who said they were opposed. The results were similar on another provision in Biden’s relief package, with 69% supporting increased funding for vaccines, and just 17% opposed.

Other findings from the poll include:

  • Raising the minimum wage to $15 per hour was backed by 58% of respondents, while 31% were opposed.
  • A national mask mandate was supported by 57%, with 32% opposed.
  • 59% said the pandemic should be the president’s top priority.

The poll found substantial support for Biden’s agenda in other areas, as well. Federal assistance to boost domestic manufacturing was backed by 65% of respondents, as was more investment in renewable energy. More than 60% backed proposals for criminal justice reform and ending family separation at the border, while 50% or more expressed support for “giving all Americans the option of buying Medicare-like public health insurance,” eliminating carbon emissions in 30 years, and reversing tax cuts for those earning more than $400,000 per year.  

The parts of Biden’s agenda that received the least support include halting construction on the border wall, which was supported by 45% of respondents but opposed by 42%, and ending the travel ban on those from Muslim-majority countries, which was supported by 42% of respondents but opposed by 35%.