Poll of the Day: Just 20% Say Biden Relief Package Is Too Big

Poll of the Day: Just 20% Say Biden Relief Package Is Too Big

CBS News

As lawmakers debate whether President Biden’s $1.9 trillion Covid relief package is the right size, a new CBS News poll finds that 39% of Americans say it is — and another 40% say it is not enough. Only one in five of those surveyed say the package is too big, but a plurality of Republicans, 38%, hold that opinion. See the full breakdown by party affiliation below.

Three in four Americans say it’s at least somewhat important that the legislation have bipartisan support, including 41% who call it very important.

Overall, 83% say they approve of Congress passing another economic aid package, while 17% disapprove. About one in four Americans says that the pandemic has had a major impact on their family finances, but that number rises to 35% among those with incomes under $50,000.

Just over 60% of Americans say that the rollout of the Covid vaccine in their state has been too slow, but 45% now say that the fight against the outbreak is going well, up 10 percentage points from last month. Democrats have become more upbeat since Biden took office, while Republicans have become more negative.

The poll of 2,508 U.S. residents was conducted for CBS News by YouGov between February 5 and 8. It has a margin of error of 2.3 percentage points.