13 Disturbing Facts About McDonald’s
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13 Disturbing Facts About McDonald’s

McDonald's just reported its first quarter financial results on April 20. The global fast food chain generated $6.54 billion during the period and delivered earnings per share of $1.23. Global comparable sales increased 7.3 percent.

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While the top and bottom line came in line with analysts' expectations, there are plenty of facts about the company that you may find completely unexpected. The restaurant giant has grown through the recession and recovery. Which makes sense since it sells more than 75 burgers every second. Here are 13 shocking facts about America's most popular fast food chain:

1. McDonald's' daily customer traffic (62 million) is more than the population of Great Britain.

2. McDonald's sells more than 75 hamburgers every second.

3. McDonald's feeds 68 million people per day, that's about 1 percent of the world's population.

4. McDonald's' $27 billion in revenue makes it the 90th-largest economy in the world.

5. The $8.7 billion in revenue from franchise stores alone, makes McDonald's richer than Mongolia.

6. McDonald's hires around 1 million workers in the US every year. This estimate from Fast Food Nation assumes a 700,000 domestic workforce with 150% turnover rate.

7. McDonald's has 761,000 employees worldwide, that's more than the population of Luxembourg.

8. According to company estimates, one in every eight American workers has been employed by McDonald's.

9. Sharon Stone worked at McDonald's before she was famous. So did Shania Twain, Jay Leno, Rachel McAdams and Pink.

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10. McDonald's is the world's largest distributor of toys, with one included in 20 percent of all sales.

11. For the next three years, McDonald's is going to open one restaurant every day in China.

12. The only place in the lower 48 that is more than 100 miles from a McDonald's is a barren plain in South Dakota.

13. Americans alone consume one billion pounds of beef at McDonald's in a year – five and a half million head of cattle.

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