The 9 Most Expensive Junk Foods
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The 9 Most Expensive Junk Foods

While most of us think of junk food as the McDonald’s dollar menu or a greasy slice of pizza from the local hole-in-the-wall,  the “1 percent” take their junk food a little more seriously.

Not only has the trend of gourmet hamburgers, pizza and hot dogs been exploding in cities like New York and Los Angeles, but there’s now an upper-crust level of even the most humble junk food items. From a hamburger with gold specs (yes, they're digestible), to caviar-topped ice cream and truffle-infused cheese, the chefs behind the creations haven’t held back when it comes to appealing to the wealthiest of Americans. And the scary thing is that even in the still-recovering economy – people are actually buying them.

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