11 Foods You Can't Buy Anywhere Anymore
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11 Foods You Can't Buy Anywhere Anymore

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Hostess is no longer the Mostest. And that means some of its iconic foods could fast be on the way out, too.

The company, maker of a long string of consumer brands of snack cakes and breads that include Wonder, Dolly Madison, Drake’s, Home Pride and Butternut, announced Friday it’s suspending operations at its 33 plants around the U.S. as it begins to liquidate assets.

That also means it’s laying off “most of its 18,500-member workforce” and will “focus on selling its assets to the highest bidders,” according to CEO Gregory Rayburn in a statement.

But if Twinkies, Wonder Bread and other consumer “staples” are on the way out, they’ll be joining a long list of other foods that have gone extinct over the years for one reason or another. For example, does the canned product Chef Boyardee Meat Ball Stew ring any bells? An ad from waaayyy back in 1959 famously claimed, “The stew with 12 juicy beef meatballs – you don’t have to dig for the meat!” Presumably “the cassrole treat” also contained the oodles of peas, carrots, potatoes and hearty brown gravy also prominently shown in the ad.

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