GOP House Members Run Headlong into Traffic
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GOP House Members Run Headlong into Traffic

REUTERS/Jonathan Ernst

Nicolle Wallace is a smart woman.  As George W. Bush’s communication director during the 2004 presidential campaign she knows how to score political wins and losses. Today, in a succinct and memorable metaphor on “Morning Joe,” she zeroed in on the conflict among Republican members of the House. 

The tea party wing of the GOP, she said, egged on  by Senator Ted Cruz, is behaving like her two-year old, who would just as soon ride his scooter into oncoming traffic despite the flashing red light.  She mentioned two important points: 

1. This is political suicide because any attempt to defund the program at the expense of a government shutdown or debt ceiling default is political suicide and it will fail.

2. Republicans have been gaining traction and have been described as “on the offense.”  But they will lose everything if they pursue this course. 

She acknowledged that there is grassroots support among Republicans, conservatives and tea party members to defund Obamacare—a program that continues to be unpopular with the majority of people in the country. 

“Now we’re going to let our Party run into moving traffic against a red light.  It’s idiotic,” Wallace said.