Army’s Bull Story Turns Out to Be Bulls#!t
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Army’s Bull Story Turns Out to Be Bulls#!t

REUTERS/Jonathan Ernst

A handful of news outlets are reporting that the U.S. Army purchased a mechanical bull seven days into the government shutdown.

As it turns out, that’s bull-oney.

Though a listing on the General Services Administration’s website suggests that the Army awarded a contract to Mechanical Bulls Sales, Inc. for $47,000, a few simple calls to the alleged bull purchaser, the Utah National Guard, as well as the manufacturer, revealed that those reports were not correct.

"To the best of my knowledge, we have not sold these bulls to the Army,” Christopher Meier, national sales consultant for Mechanical Bulls Sales, Inc, said. “Plus, ours cost way less than that.”

The National Guard of Utah was in the market for a new mechanical bull earlier this summer and initiated the contract process in July. Apparently, its current bull, which is used for recruiting purposes at events, is in rough shape and in desperate need of an upgrade.

But due to “difficulties with the contracting process and insufficient funds” (thanks, Congress!) the Guard was cowed into delaying the purchase and will “make do with the old one,” Lt. Col. Hank McIntire said. He added that he was unsure why the GSA’s website still had the posting up.

“The National Guard was interested in a bull a few months ago, but they’ve tabled it, Meier said. “I suspect it was because of this whole shutdown… I don’t think they’re carelessly buying these bulls while the government is shut down."

Bully for them.