12 Weird Uses for Drones
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12 Weird Uses for Drones

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Drones aren’t just about fighting wars in far-flung places.

Just like Amazon, which is promising to start using drones next year to deliver packages in 30 minutes or less, entrepreneurs in the U.S. and in the rest of the world are testing unmanned aerial vehicles to deliver anything from beer to burritos – even prescription drugs.

The legality of the commercial use of drones is still, of course murky – the Federal Aviation Administration has ruled it illegal, though a federal judge recently dismissed an FAA case against someone flying a drone commercially, which the FAA quickly appealed. Yet that isn’t stopping people’s creativity when it comes to wild and crazy uses for drones.

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There are obviously clear advantages to using drones to deliver a pizza or your dry cleaning: In a large and crowded city, a drone delivery is far faster than driving and much better for the environment. It can also be cheaper.

Overall, drones are best suited to deliver small light objects, but that hasn’t stopped some companies from focusing on using drones to deliver grills or bottles of champagne.

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Yet as commercial drones rise in popularity and more companies want to take advantage of them to deliver their goods, concerns about the potential dangers are becoming more real. After all, right about now, anyone can buy a drone.

So be ready. In addition to watching for cars, buses and bikes on the road, and talking or texting on your phone, a stroll on the street may now include having to dodge a drone carrying your neighbor’s dry cleaning – or dropping off a burrito to a nearby home.

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