The Treasured Thing Men Lose and Are Afraid to Admit
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The Treasured Thing Men Lose and Are Afraid to Admit

Men may lose their hair, their testosterone, even their money more than they like to admit – but now a new survey says they also lose the electronic devices they use for work more often than women do. (Sorry, guys!)

New research released this morning by Harris Poll and TeamViewer, a provider of online meeting software, reports that nearly half the employed men who were surveyed (46 percent) admitted they’re likely to lose their electronic devices. That’s compared to just 27 percent of employed women who admitted to the same thing.

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Younger men are apparently the most prone to this unfortunate and frustrating “ailment.” Sixty percent of men ages 18-34 years-old said they’ve lost their devices, versus just 30 percent of women in that same age group.

The online survey of more than 2000 Americans was conducted in August as part of a survey of workplace behavior and attitudes about data use, maintenance and storage. It found that the most likely places both men and women tended to lose their electronic devices, including smartphones, tablets and laptops, were these: 

  • car (15 percent)
  • restaurant (13 percent)
  • hotel (13 percent)
  • train or bus (11 percent)
  • plane (10 percent)

Overall, more than a third of the employed people surveyed – or 37 percent – said they’re likely to lose the electronic devices they use for work.

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“Men are much more irresponsible than women when it comes to putting critical company files at risk,” TeamViewer said in a statement. Yet “data loss affects a wide swath of workers, with more than half revealing they’re frustrated by on-the-job data loss.”

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