16 Amazing Pocket Products for Life on the Go
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16 Amazing Pocket Products for Life on the Go


Economic mobility may be stagnant for many Americans, but physical mobility is gaining traction. A host of new products designed to fit in your pocket or a backpack are available to make life on the move a whole lot easier and more enjoyable.

Take the ‘Basic House,’ for example, from the Spanish designer Martin Azua. The artist’s sleek creation is a foldable, inflatable, and reversible quasi-tent that offers instant shelter and self-inflates with body heat or from the heat of the sun.

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Inside the tent, the material reflects the occupant’s body heat for protection from the cold – and when reversed, the material reflects solar heat for a cool interior.

While it’s not yet for sale, plenty of other cool and tiny products are – and most are affordable. They can fit in the tiniest of places but still offer big rewards.

The Fiscal Times looked for some of the coolest pocket products either already on the market or in development – and found 16 we would recommend to our nomadic friends.

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