The 15 Worst Government Shutdown Pickup Lines

The 15 Worst Government Shutdown Pickup Lines

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No one is saying a government shutdown is funny.

But back in 2011, when a government shutdown loomed on the horizon, Twitter lit up with a looser take on the federal budget crisis, along with dozens of crazy-goofy “government shutdown pickup lines” – organized under the hashtag #govtshutdownpickuplines and variations thereof.

In light of today’s actual shutdown, those pickup lines have resurfaced, along with a raft of new ones. 

We combed through reams of these lines and came up with this selection – along with the burning question, Is this the best that's out there?

Maureen Mackey served as managing editor of The Fiscal Times for five years, during which time she oversaw scheduling and work flow and handled edits, writing and reporting of many features, news items, interviews and other content. In 2011 she helped The Fiscal Times win a MIN award for Best New