S&P Credit Downgrade Impact
  • Want Your Own Home? Here’s How to Do the Math

    By Cathy Curtis, CNBC

    It seems nothing can stop Americans from wanting to buy their own homes. It's almost as if the credit crisis didn't happen, even though not too long ago we were bombarded daily with stories about...

  • Budget Brawl Could Sideswipe Fed Plans to Taper

    By Josh Boak, The Fiscal Times

    The Federal Reserve appears ready to tap the brakes on its monthly $85 billion bond-buying program, even though the jobs picture still looks dismal and an upcoming federal budget showdown could...

  • How It Took 35 Years to Wreck the U.S. Economy

    By Nick Gillespie, Reason

    The chart below put together by my frequent collaborator Veronique de Rugy is, simply put, terrifying. It shows the growth in inflation-adjusted federal outlays per capita. So what you're looking at...

  • How to Build a Guard Rail around the Fiscal Cliff

    By David M Walker, The Fiscal Times

    Op-ed : The “ fiscal cliff ” is quickly approaching, but President Obama, Gov. Romney, and Congressional leaders have not revealed their specific plans to avoid it – if they have one. Given that it...

  • Fiscal Cliff Looms Large As Congress Leaves Town

    A highly unpopular Congress once again departs on a lengthy recess, leaving behind a mountain of unfinished work, including a farm bill amid one of the worst U.S. droughts in decades. One year after...

  • How Obama Set the Bear Loose on Wall Street

    By Paul Starobin, The Fiscal Times

    President Obama seemed to be riding high in the markets in early May on the news that Osama bin Laden had been killed, but investor disenchantment with the president runs deep, and this week’s...

  • Stocks Rebound as Wall Street Awaits Fed

    By Zachary A Goldfarb, The Washington Post

    Wall Street gained ground and held on Tuesday morning, restoring a bit of hope for investors after another turbulent night for overseas markets and the steepest losses for U.S. indexes since 2008.

  • Will Downgrade Further Shake the Housing Market?

    By Jennifer Depaul, The Fiscal Times

    The ripple effects from Standard & Poor’s downgrade of the U.S. last week continued on Monday as the rating agency also cut the credit ratings of mortgage lenders Fannie Mae, Freddie Mac and...

  • Moody’s Confirms U.S. AAA Rating, with Caveats

    By Jennifer Depaul, The Fiscal Times

    Moody’s confirmed the U.S.’s AAA rating, despite Standard & Poor’s downgrade, but said it would be watching how the budget situation is handled in the future.

  • Zandi: S&P Downgrade Won’t Wreck U.S. Economy

    By Michelle Hirsch, The Fiscal Times

    Despite today’s market volatility, Standard & Poors’ decision to downgrade United States’ AAA credit rating to AA+ won’t interfere in the U.S. economy, according to Moody’s Analytics chief...