12 Most Momentous Movie Flops

12 Most Momentous Movie Flops

Heaven's Gate (1980)

Estimated Budget: $44 Million

Gross: $3.4 Million

Director: Michael Cimino

Starring: Kris Kristofferson, Christopher Walken, Isabelle Huppert, Jeff Bridges

The flop that changed Hollywood and destroyed a studio.  The 1970’s had seen an unprecedented rise in director power in Hollywood.  The first generation of “Film Majors” came into their own, with young guns like Scorsese, Copolla, Spielberg and Lucas arriving on the scene with massive successes.  Producers indulged directors because directors were delivering hits.  Michael Cimino was a promising screenwriter, who’s second directorial effort, The Deer Hunter, had won multiple Oscars including Best Picture and Best Director.  His was given carte blanche on his third film, a story of the settling of the west, with a sprawling ensemble cast and epic scope. 

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