World Cup 2014: Your Guide to All 32 Teams

World Cup 2014: Your Guide to All 32 Teams


Brazil - Group A

England may have invented the sport, but it is the Brazilians who’ve taken to it with the most passion. A World Cup, regardless of location, is essentially a month-long holiday in Brazil, and since this year the party is at their place…

This Brazilian team isn’t quite the fearsome monster of years past. The lightning passing has been replaced by a more organized and defensive unit. Still, not a team to be taken lightly.
Players to watch: Monster strike force Neymar and Hulk (yeah, that’s what they call him) will be the players to watch. Also, a midfield full of solid, tireless runners with as much an eye for a tackle as a pass (Oscar, Fernandinho, Ramires, Willian, etc).
Prediction: Semifinals, though don’t be surprised if they win the whole thing.

© Ueslei Marcelino / Reuters