15 Worst Supermarkets in America in 2017

15 Worst Supermarkets in America in 2017

By Wendy Aspuro  // 

1. Walmart Supercenter

Reader Score: 66 out of 100
Year founded: 1962 as Walmart, 1988 as Supercenters
Locations: Nationwide

What you need to know: The popular chain scored abysmally by any measure. Consumers rated it “poor” in 7 out of 12 categories: cleanliness, staff courtesy, checkout speed, produce quality, produce variety, meats/poultry quality, and local produce quality. In only one category did it rise above “poor” or “fair”: It scored a “very good” for competitive prices. Maybe that’s why the retail giant is now testing a giant kiosk: Customers can order groceries online, then pick them up at a machine after entering a special five-digit code. 

Kamil Krzaczynski / Reuters