10 “Eat and Run” Races That Reward Your Palate
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10 “Eat and Run” Races That Reward Your Palate

More than 50,000 runners will be pounding the pavement on November 2 in the New York City marathon, fueled not just by high hopes for a decent finish but by high-energy foods like bananas, nuts and dried fruits as well as sports drinks to replace all those lost electrolytes.

Some people prefer mixing their running with a different kind of food, though. Call it a race with riches.

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In the Bordeaux region of France, at the Marathon du Medoc, pit stops are set up at beautiful châteaux where participants can taste great wines, oysters, meat and even delicious and creamy ice cream.

If this may seem stomach-turning to the health minded, remember that the race in France takes place among the vines and that the 26.2 miles are turned into a real party: Participants dress up and expensive wine bottles are given as prizes to the winners.

Americans also know how to mix running and eating in several races of their own – often in much shorter distances than a marathon. These have sprouted up in recent years, all with a specific focus on food, from burritos and hot dogs to donuts and yes, Twinkies.

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As with many other running races, organizers and participants often also raise funds for specific charities. So eat up and run! It’s all for a good cause.

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