Want to Sell Your Home? Shoot a Cool Video
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Want to Sell Your Home? Shoot a Cool Video


If you want to sell your home, you might want to do more than just take photos. You might want to hire a Coppola.

The latest way to sell luxury real estate is through professional-quality lifestyle videos that can be viewed online.

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According to the Los Angeles Times, luxury real estate agents are producing Hollywood-quality lifestyle films with budgets of $40,000 to showcase properties. They’re arranging helicopter tours for prospective buyers to see panoramic views of the property first-hand. Videos can help create positive reactions and emotional connections to younger buyers accustomed to sharing photos and videos on social media.

With video being used more extensively in marketing, it was only a matter of time before they were used to sell homes. In Australia, real estate listings that include a video receive 403 percent more inquiries than listings with photos alone.

Two years ago, BOND New York began creating one- to three-minute videos of its properties with a professional in-house video team for its BOND TV channel. Since its inception, BOND TV has generated over 100,000 viewings, with about 5,000 new views per month. “After clients see the property, they can look at it again and again,” says Noah Freedman, co-founder and principal. “The videos are segmented by room so you can jump to the kitchen or second bedroom.”

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With online listings the first step in selling a home these days, a buyer’s first impression depends on the quality of the photography and the production value of the video. If you have a buyer’s attention on line, you might actually get a visit.

Buyers are not only eager to see properties in high resolution, but they want to see them in elegant and sumptuous settings. Last year, Corcoran hired photographer Annie Leibovitz to shoot editorial-style portraits of celebrities at home for its lavish “Live Who You Are” campaign.

Even if you don’t have Jimmy Buffet or Milk Bar owner Christina Tosi lounging in your mini-commercial or video, a short, visually appealing video can go a long way to connect with a potential buyer and deliver the experience of being there.

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