The Wealthy Worry, Too--And It’s Not All About Money
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The Wealthy Worry, Too--And It’s Not All About Money


If you think the rich and famous live carefree lives, you probably haven’t read a new Spectrem Group survey of 1,200 affluent investors who say a number of things keep them up at night. So what do the rich and wealthy worry about most? Thirty-eight percent said the biggest, most pressing threat is ISIS and terrorist threats. Climate change came in a distant second at 17 percent, with computer hacking close behind at 16 percent.

Eleven percent said they were most distressed about race relations, and seven percent were concerned about pulling troops out of the Middle East.

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Vladimir Putin (4 percent) ranked pretty low, along with police brutality (5 percent). At the bottom of the list were Caitlyn Jenner and transgender rights (1 percent), the FIFA soccer scandal (1 percent), and Tom Brady and the NFL penalties (1 percent).

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Investors under 40 were most concerned with climate change, while investors 41 and over were most troubled by ISIS and terrorist threats.

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Earlier this year, insurance giant Travelers surveyed more than 1,100 business owners and executives. In that survey, 48 percent felt that the world was getting riskier and that the risks they face are getting bigger, more complex, and more difficult to manage.

It wasn’t the economy that had business people feeling nervous in the Travelers group. Instead, what had two-third decision-makers most concerned was rising medical costs—with 32 percent reporting they worry about it a great deal. Six in ten executives considered medical cost inflation the fastest-growing risk, and 38 percent said it was the liability that their business was least prepared to face. Many saw other rising employee benefit costs as worrisome, too.