The 10 Cheapest and Costliest Cities for Homes
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The 10 Cheapest and Costliest Cities for Homes

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The most expensive four-bedroom, two-bathroom houses are almost all found in California, where average prices can reach $2 million. The most affordable ones are scattered across six states and are all priced under $100,000, according to an annual study from Coldwell Banker.

Through August, U.S. home values have risen 5.4 percent this year. But as any real estate agent will tell you, housing is local and the disparity in prices among similar homes across the country can be stark.

Coldwell Banker looked at more than 81,000 comparably sized, four-bedroom, two-bathroom homes in 2,700 markets nationwide. Here are the cheapest and costliest by average price:

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  1. Cleveland, Ohio
    Average price: $74,502
  2. Riverdale, Georgia
    Average price: $79,223
  3. Wilkes-Barre, Pennsylvania
    Average price: $79,480
  4. Detroit, Michigan
    Average price: $81,616
  5. Alma, Michigan
    Average price: $90,523
  6. Gloversville, New York
    Average price: $91,406
  7. Euclid, Ohio
    Average price; $92,550
  8. Hastings, Florida
    Average price; $95,267
  9. Flint, Michigan
    Average price: $95,482
  10. Lithonia, Georgia
    Average price: 95,750

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  1. Newport Beach, California
    Average price: $2,291,764
  2. Palo Alto, California
    Average price: 2,066,600
  3. Saratoga, California
    Average price: 1,979,218
  4. Cupertino, California
    Average price: $1,659,297
  5. Los Gatos, California
    Average price: $1,569,615
  6. Arcadia, California
    Average price: $1,541,406
  7. San Mateo, California
    Average price: $1,463,455
  8. Sunnyvale, California
    Average price: $1,447,411
  9. Orono, Minnesota
    Average price; $1,384,270
  10. Redwood City, California
    Average price: $1,367,350