Black Friday Deals: Where to Get the Biggest Discounts
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Black Friday Deals: Where to Get the Biggest Discounts

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While Black Friday may be getting a bad rap this year—with complaints about unimpressive deals and Thanksgiving Day openings—one aspect hasn’t changed: stores are still offering big discounts to get shoppers inside. 

But some retailers are slashing prices more than others, according to a new report.

Retailers averaged a 30.2-percent discount on all items, according to WalletHub, which surveyed 30 U.S. retailers and 8,000 of their Black Friday deals. JCPenney offers the biggest price markdown on average at 68 percent, while Costco delivers the smallest average discount at 19.5 percent. 

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It’s important to remember that bigger discounts don’t necessarily mean better deals. In some cases the huge markdowns are made from prices that don’t really reflect what an item typically costs — so it may feel like you’re getting a great deal, but the price isn’t any cheaper than it would be elsewhere. Walmart and Amazon—both known for providing the lowest prices and best values—had average discounts that ranked in the bottom third of the list.

WalletHub also found that jewelry came with the biggest average discount by far compared with 10 other product types. The average markdown was 73 percent. The books, movies and music category comes in at a distant second with an average discount of 50 percent. Computers and phones came in last with an average discount of 33 percent. 

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The majority of discounts are offered on toys, apparel and accessories, accounting for 44 percent of all discounts. On the other hand, just over 1 percent of consumer packaged goods – products like food and beverages that are frequently replaced –are offered at a discount. 

Below are the 30 retailers with each store’s average Black Friday markdown, ranked highest to lowest:

  1. JCPenney: 68.0 percent
  2. Kohl’s: 66.7 percent
  3. Stage: 63.9 percent
  4. Groupon: 63.7 percent
  5. Belk: 59.5 percent
  6. Macy’s: 56.0 percent
  7. Kmart: 50.1 percent
  8. Panasonic: 47.0 percent
  9. Fred Meyer: 45.3 percent
  10. Office Depot and OfficeMax: 42.8 percent
  11. Sears: 41.7 percent
  12. Meijer: 39.1 percent
  13. Hhgregg: 38.5 percent
  14. CVS Pharmacy: 37.8 percent
  15. Target: 37.3 percent
  16. Modell’s: 35.5 percent
  17. Dell Home: 35.3 percent
  18. Staples: 34.4 percent
  19. Ace Hardware: 34.2 percent
  20. Best Buy: 33.5 percent
  21. Home Depot: 31.4 percent
  22. BJ’s: 30.6 percent
  23. Walmart: 30.1 percent
  24. GameStop: 29.2 percent
  25. Toys R Us: 28.9 percent
  26. Walgreens: 28.7 percent
  27. Big Lots: 27.1 percent
  28. Amazon: 25.8 percent
  29. Sam’s Club: 24.9 percent
  30. Costco: 19.5 percent