Eau de Putin: Russian Leader Inspires Cologne
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Eau de Putin: Russian Leader Inspires Cologne


They both prefer to project the image of a powerful, decisive leader, and they both have publicly expressed their mutual admiration. Now Donald Trump and Russian President Vladimir Putin have something else in common: both have a men’s cologne named after them.

Trump has long endorsed a number of different cologne lines under his name, but until recently, men who sought a scent reminiscent of a KGB agent-turned Russian strongman were out of luck. However, Russian perfume maker Vladislav Rekunov has come to the rescue with a limited edition cologne called “Leaders Number One” that, he says, was inspired by Putin.

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There is no reason to believe that Putin himself has necessarily endorsed the cologne, much less that he will profit from it. In fact, according to Rekunov, profits form the limited edition sale of Leaders Number One will all go to a charity for sick children.

The fragrance costs about $85 for 100 milliliters (about 3.4 ounces), and is sold in a spare black box decorated with the name and a silver profile of the Russian president. According to Kremlin-run media outlet RT, the scent features “notes of lemon, bergamot, blackcurrant and fir cones.”

Rekunov told Russian media that the cologne is meant to be “a warm, textured and rounded scent” that is “very delicate, but at the same time firm.”

Not surprisingly, descriptions of Trump-branded cologne tend to be a bit more expansive, even as the cologne itself is a lot less expensive.

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Donald Trump, the Fragrance for Men, according to one retailer, features “citrus notes with hints of mint, cucumber and black basil.”

Did you think that was all? No, of course not.

“The core note is made from an exotic plant -- which the company keeps secret -- that provides a green effect with woody undertones, rounded out with spicy, peppery accents. The finish come from exotic woods and has earthy, herbaceous and spicy notes.”

On Ebay, 100 ml of that stuff will run you about $25 – with free shipping.

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Trump’s colognes (he has a number of other lines, including “Success” and “Empire”) have been on the market for years, but according to Russian media, Leaders Number One will only be available until January 20, so get your orders in now.

And ladies who pine for a fragrance that will remind them of the Russian president may soon find themselves in luck. Rekunov is reportedly working on a perfume for women inspired by Putin as well.