16 Must-See Movies Coming in 2016
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16 Must-See Movies Coming in 2016


Now that 2015 is officially the biggest box office year on record and any question about the success of a rebooted Star Wars franchise have been resoundingly answered, it’s time to take a look at what 2016 has to offer.

SLIDESHOW: 16 Must-See Movies for 2016

Without a doubt, we have entered the age of the franchise, with more super heroes, more sequels and, yes, more Star Wars all lined up at the Cineplex. While this is bad news for fans of smaller (or simply original) films, the past few years have also proven that tent-pole entertainment can be thought-provoking and entertaining … when done right.

And when the stars align, that can mean big box office, as last year’s haul amply demonstrates. There will inevitably be surprises and little films that no saw one coming, but a look over the 2016 release schedule gives you a pretty good idea of where Hollywood is looking for success.

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