In 2016’s ‘Medicare Election’ the VP Pick Is More Important Than Ever
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In 2016’s ‘Medicare Election’ the VP Pick Is More Important Than Ever

No matter how much Republicans want to wish him away, it looks like billionaire Donald Trump will be the GOP nominee for president. Yikes!

As scary as that may be for the GOP, the possibility that socialist Bernie Sanders could outflank Hillary Clinton and grab the nomination is terrifying establishment Democrats. Like other elections, some event or misstep during the next nine months could derail Bernie or The Donald or catapult one of their competitors to first place.

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Waiting in the wings to rescue the American people from disaster are two other septuagenarians – Joe Biden and Michael Bloomberg. Biden told TODAY’S Savannah Guthrie on January 6 that he “regrets every day not running for president.”

Michael Bloomberg, another New York billionaire and former mayor of New York City, said he would spend $1 billion of his fortune if Bernie Sanders and Donald Trump were candidates for president. Most analysts believe a Bloomberg candidacy would help the GOP and siphon off votes from Democrats.

So there you have it. All of these people are either well into their seventies or will be if they’re elected. Call it the Medicare election, and check out our list of Veep’s for both Clinton and Trump:

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