A Taco Bell Wedding? 3 Weird Fast Food Deals for Valentine’s Day
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A Taco Bell Wedding? 3 Weird Fast Food Deals for Valentine’s Day

Taco Bell

Americans are planning to spend a collective $3.8 billion on date nights celebrating Valentine’s Day this year, but fast food joints probably aren’t on the top of the list for most people.

That hasn’t stopped a few big chain restaurants from announcing promotions aimed at getting their customers into a more romantic mood. Here are three of the craziest promotions out there this year:

A Taco Bell wedding. Lucky couples who get engaged on Valentine’s Day now have a new venue to consider for their nuptials: Taco Bell. The chain announced this morning a new $600 wedding package at its Las Vegas location that includes a ceremony in the Taco Bell chapel with as little as four hours’ notice; a custom sauce packet and bow-tie; and a Cinnabon cake for dessert. The bride can carry a sauce packet bouquet.

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‘Adult Happy Meals’ at Burger King. This one is available only in Israel this year, but perhaps if it’s successful, the House of Whopper will bring it stateside next year. Customers who come to Burger King Israel after 6 pm tonight can purchase an “adults meal” which includes two whoppers, two French fry orders, two beers and a “romantic adult toy,” AdWeek reports.

Domino’s Pizza registry. Domino’s Pizza announced last week a new “pizza registry” for couples. The registry is essentially a set of customized gift cards aimed at engaged couples. Among the options: a $60 “2 a.m. Bachelor Party Feast” card; a $25 “The Wedding Night” card; and a $30 “Thank You Card-a-Thon” card.

Correction: A previous version of this story incorrectly identified the parent company of Cinnabon, which is owned by Focus Brands.