Focus on Budget and Debt

Focus on Budget and Debt

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On November 13, Sen. Tom Coburn (R-OK) released a report on government subsidies for the rich and famous.

In a November 10 commentary, University of Wisconsin economist Menzie Chinn examined the fiscal austerity implemented in Great Britain, which many conservative economists argued would raise growth, and found that this has not been the case.

A November 9 commentary from the Federal Reserve Bank of New York defended the debt ceiling as a constraint on federal indebtedness.

In a November 9 commentary, International Monetary Fund economists Anna Ivanova, Edouard Martin and Paolo Mauro examined fiscal adjustment episodes and what factors contributed to their success or failure.

On November 8, the conservative American Enterprise Institute published a critical analysis of the balanced budget amendment.

A November 3 Quinnipiac poll found widespread pessimism that the Joint Select Committee on Deficit Reduction will accomplish anything significant.

On November 2, 100 members of the House of Representatives, 60 Democrats and 40 Republicans, sent a letter to the Joint Select Committee on Deficit Reduction saying that everything should be on the table, including higher revenues.

A November 2 YouGov poll found that 46 percent of people believe it is possible to make huge reductions in the budget deficit without cutting Medicare or Social Security versus 33 percent that do not.

On November 1, the Joint Select Committee on Deficit Reduction held a hearing that examined various deficit reduction proposals put forward by outside groups.

On October 28, the Stimson Center published a report on the defense budget.
I last posted items on this topic on November 1.

Bruce Bartlett is an American historian and columnist who focuses on the intersection between politics and economics. He blogs daily and writes a weekly column for The Fiscal Times.  Bartlett has written for Forbes Magazine and Creators Syndicate, and his work is informed by many years in government, including as a senior policy analyst in the Reagan White House. He is the author of seven books including his new book: The Benefit and the Burden.

Bruce Bartlett’s columns focus on the intersection of politics and economics. The author of seven books, he worked in government for many years and was senior policy analyst in the Reagan White House.