A Post-Recession Shopping Trip That Will Never Be

A Post-Recession Shopping Trip That Will Never Be

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My wife and I have been looking forward to this weekend for a long time. Our friends say we’ve been living in a bubble since the financial crisis started in 2008, but if that’s true we’re going to break out of it on Saturday and Sunday, big-time. We’ve been working pretty hard and have managed to save up some extra cash, so before the holiday rush starts, we’re going to get a bunch of our shopping done.

We’ll probably start by picking up some books and CDs at Borders or the Virgin Megastore, and then get some new clothes at Mervyns. We thought about going to Syms or Filene’s Basement to get some clothes, but we’ll wait until next year for that.

By that point, we’ll be ready for lunch, though we haven’t decided where yet — maybe we can find a Chevy’s Fresh Mex or a Marie Callender’s, or maybe we’ll get a Fishamajig sandwich (yes, that’s really what it’s called) and a sundae at Friendly’s.

After that, we want to head over to Linens ‘n Things to get some towels and then to KB Toys for the kids. If we still have the energy, we’ll finally go pick up a netbook and a couple of Nintendo Wii video games at Circuit City. On the way home, we’ll probably stop by Hollywood Video to pick up a movie for the evening. It’s been a while since we watched anything, and we heard that Avatar was pretty good. Should be a fun weekend.

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