Two Scandalous Promos Take the Spirit Out of Flying

Two Scandalous Promos Take the Spirit Out of Flying

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Fasten your seatbelts. A new low in promotional advertising is making news at Spirit Airlines, which is flying high on the Secret Service prostitution scandal. The airline is offering one-way flights to Cartagena, Colombia and other destinations for $19.80. As if. Maybe that price is for the pet cicada that has to fly in your carry-on. The promo is as tacky as the ultra low-cost airline, which has the dubious distinction of vying with AT&T for most customer complaints.

The headline on the promo, "More Bang for Your Buck," is an in-your-face reference, replete with scantily clad babes, to the Secret Service agents who gave themselves a green light to book services from the red light district of Cartagena. Their sins went beyond lust and adultery. They were charged $800 by the women and said they would only pay $30. That's a number Spirit Airlines would understand, but not the legal prostitutes of Columbia.

But wait, there's more! To capitalize on the Government Services Administration (GSA) scandal, Spirit has another $19.80 special. All you party animals can take a trip to Vegas on Spirit, which calls their GSA promotion, "great savings always."

Contributing Editor Jacqueline Leo is the Former Editor in Chief of The Fiscal Times, and former EIC of Reader’s Digest and Consumer Reports. She's also the former Editorial Director of ABC News’ Good Morning America and is an award-winning journalist and author.