Why Your Middle Class Job Is Disappearing

Why Your Middle Class Job Is Disappearing

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There’s no longer a need for the armada of office workers you see in shows like “Mad Men.” More and more employers are opting for new technologies that replace solid middle class jobs such as bookkeepers, file clerks and typists. The U.S. lost roughly 2 million clerical jobs since 2007. Meanwhile, the economy added about 387,000 new manager jobs, according to new data from the Labor Department.  The decline in middle class jobs could help to explain why the US median household income fell 5.6 percent since June 2009 to $51,404 amid a recovering economy. -  See the data here

COMPANIES MAXING OUT SKILLED WORKER VISAS    U.S. employers are expected to reach the yearly limit of applications for highly coveted skilled-worker visas on Friday, the first time since the financial crisis. Companies can sponsor a total of 65,000 foreigners with at least a bachelor's degree for an H-1B visa, which typically goes to programmers and other specialized workers. The Wall Street Journal’s Miriam Jordan writes “In subsequent years, the weak economy left thousands of H-1B spots unfilled until later in the season. ... The rising demand comes as the Senate moves closer to a broad immigration bill that would, among other things, revamp a series of work-visa programs." -  Read more at The Wall Street Journal

SEQUESTRATION THREATENS DEFENSE JOBS     Sound familiar? Pentagon Comptroller Robert Hall said Thursday that DOD workers might face job losses in 2014 if the sequester cuts stay in place (which is likely the case.) According to Hall, if the current levels stay in place the Pentagon will be forced to “look at other longer-term choices besides furloughs,” including “involuntary separations.” Just last week, Defense Secretary Chuck Hagel announced the spending bill passed by Congress allowed the  DOD to reduce the number of furlough days for civilian employees from 22 to 14. The furloughs are now expected to begin in June, with some exceptions for positions in the intelligence, public safety and health fields.  -  Read more at GovExec

AKIN DOUBLED STAFF SALARY BEFORE LEAVING OFFICE    After unsuccessfully attempting to unseat incumbent Sen. Claire McCaskill (D-Mo.), former Rep. Todd Akin (R-Mo.) nearly doubled the payroll of his office staff in the final months of 2012, as he ended his term in office. In the last three months of the year according to the Associated Press, Akin paid his staff of 14 about $400,000, compared to the average $200,000 for the rest of the year. His former communications director, Steve Taylor, told The Hill the salary increases were part of a "separation package" for staff that did not stay with the congressman because he lost his Senate campaign.”  -  Read more at The Hill

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Brianna Ehley is the former Washington Correspondent for The Fiscal Times. She is currently a reporter on Politico's health care team in Washington, D.C.